You Must Really Like Feet

“You Must Really Like Feet….”
The two questions I am most often asked are “Why did you become a Podiatrist?” and “How did you decide to start your own practice?”.And no, the answer to either question is not that I really like feet! (though they are an amazing appendage, but I digress…)
Let’s tackle the first question, which is also sometimes asked as “Why would you want to work with feet all day?”.  Here is my answer: I chose Podiatry because it’s one of the only specialties that allows me to give patients instant gratification.  When a patient walks into my office limping because of heel pain, and I can get them to walk out of my office pain free - that’s an awesome feeling.And the truth is not many medical professionals get to do that.That does not mean that EVERY patient that walks through my door gets to walk out immediately pain free.But I do guarantee that when you come see me, if you are not at least feeling better at the end of your appointment, I will at a minimum have started …

Does Your Toe Hurt? 'Cause it's Killing Me!

Does Your Toe Hurt?  ‘Cause it’s Killing Me!
Ingrown toenails are one of the most common issues that I see in the office.  It’s the podiatric ailment that brings us all together -- we all get them, and no matter who you are or what you do -- those suckers hurt!
If you’re wondering, “Do I have an ingrown toenail?” or even, “What does an ingrown toenail look like”, then check this out:

Yup, they’re not pretty.  There are a couple of different things that can cause ingrown toenails, and they are especially common amongst children -- usually because they are cutting their nails too short.  Other causes can be an injury to the nail, a fungal infection or shoes that aren’t fitting correctly.
Treatment Options
After examining and determining the severity of the issue, we usually have three treatment options: a partial nail removal, a total nail removal (don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds), or a procedure that will keep the troublesome nail from growing back.
All of these procedures req…

Your Kid’s Feet: Smelly, Sweaty, and Causing Their Knee pain!?

Your Kid’s Feet: Smelly, Sweaty, and Causing Their Knee pain!?
Ah, youth.  I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t hear at least one my friends or colleagues say, “I just can’t do that like I used to.”  We tend to look back at our youth as time of limber muscles and ache-less backs, and unlimited energy.  But the truth is that our kids can have some pretty serious foot issues, too – some that might not even be apparent to you. 
Fairfield County is sports-obsessed.  And I don’t just mean the traditional stick-and-ball sports.  My girls are dancers and they put in at least 10 hours a week in practice time -- plus all the weekend-long competitions – a pretty typical scenario that I am sure is very familiar to most of us raising kids here in this “next station to heaven”.  And what does this all have to do with a podiatric blog, you might ask.  Check their feet!
While we might get misty eyed at the remembrance of our spry youth, the truth is that the rigorous training and practice schedules…

The Time to Act is Now!

Want Beach-Worthy Toenails? The time to take act is now!
One of the more frustrating problems with getting old for some of us is that our toenails can become a problem – yellowed, fungal, crusty, just yuck.  But I promise you, no one needs to think, “I’ll never wear flip-flops again!”.  Your unsightly toenails are indeed treatable.  BUT, it does take some time to get those tootsies in tip-top beach shape.
You can’t start treatment right before Memorial Day  and expect beach-worthy toes for the Summer!  **do your feet look like this?**
To effectively clear a fungal infection in toenails usually takes about 6-12 months.  The first thing that we are going to do is take a small sample of the toenail to make sure that it is definitely a fungal nail infection.  We’ll take a simple nail clipping and send it to a pathology lab where the exact microorganism that is causing the problem can be identified – which allows us to design the most appropriate treatment plan together.  There is a possibil…